Keto Freebies

Setting You Up to Succeed

"If you Fail to Plan...You are Planning to Fail"

Although a huge part of success is taking the time to get yourself set up properly,  sometimes there are a few hidden subtle things that can quickly derail your progress.  Click the button below to get hooked up with 2 delicious recipes and ideas on how to avoidthe most common Keto Mistakes.    

Top 5 Mistakes Beginners Make

"When you Know Better You can Do Better"

 For this very reason, I created a list of the 5 most common mistakes that Keto-beginners often make.  It is my Free Gift to you to help you along your journey to both looking and feeling AhhhMAZING! If you need help getting set up, calculating your macros, and following througl long enough to get lasting results, please see the KETOLEAN page for more info on our transformational programs.

Guilt Free Yummies!

"Have your Keto-Cake and Eat it too"

Who Doesn't like Cake?  Who doesn't like icecream?  Well, in the KETOLEAN program you can eat both!  Click the button below if you would like us to hook you up with our guilt free Chocolate Lava Mug Cake and our Keto-friendly ice-cream!

Yes Please!

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Intuitive Freebies

A Message From the Sparrow

 "Find the Heart Song That Sings You Home"

During a recent meditation, a sparrow showed up and was sitting in the palm of my hands ruffling it's feathers in delight. I was so taken with the image that I looked up the Sparrow Totem Medicine right away. The Sparrow symbolizes self-love & self-respect and reminds us that we should not take ourselves for granted. Although the Sparrow is a small bird, it is both a powerful & productive little creature. It's persistence & integrity shows us that we do not have to be big to make a difference.  It also reflects the self-worth that each of us should feel for ourselves, regardless of outside circumstances.  It reminds us that the energy and passion we should feel for ourselves, lies in our hearts somewhere...waiting to be awakened. These little song birds want us to sing our soul's own song, just as they do.  

Ancestors, Angels, & Wisdom

"Angels are all around You...Hear Their Whispers, See Their Signs, Access Their Wisdom" 

Shortly after my beloved Grandmother passed away I started seeing Angel Numbers everywhere. I had absolutely no idea what they meant, but I do remember getting a distinct feeling of peace and closeness to her when ever I saw them. Whether you are seeing repeating numbers, hearing a meaningful songs play on the radio at just the right time, or seeing random feathers show up in odd places, know that there is a stream of love supporting you while you are exploring your way through this 'earth school'.  If you are beginning to see signs and synchronicities showing up in your life, your ancestors, angels, or higher-self maybe trying to get your attention. If you need help decoding their messages please visit our intuitive page.  They are sending you signs...keep your eyes peeled!


 "There is a Stream of Love Supporting My Dreams"  

I have been working with Kim for over 3 years, I originally sought her out after a a friend referred her to me as a personal trainer. I soon realized that she was much more than a your 'standard trainer'.  From the weight room, to keto bread cooking lessons in my kitchen, to deep conversations about my patterns, habits, and triggers, to communicating an "Angel Whisper" from my recently departed Mother of sharing cinnamon buns together; Kim has always been there.   Her ability to connect me to my heart space and link it with my mind and spirit has had a profound effect on my life.  She has not only supported me through difficult transitions in life, but Kim has helped me get connected to my needs and how to listen to my spirit. Far beyond just an ordinary trainer, she is an extraordinary life coach, wellness warrior, and a deeply caring & genuine soul.  ~Rob Kevala