A Heart-Centered Whole Body Approach

Body Approach

"The Body is a sacred vessel in which we get to feel all the  joys, pleasures, and pains of life"

 If your body could speak, what would it say? Is it sending you whispers, or shouts that it needs attention? Is it telling you that the food you’re eating is weighing it down? Is it telling you you’re pushing it beyond its capacity?

Your body acts like an internal alarm system, so it’s essential you learn to hear the messages it sends you on a daily basis. When you disconnect, numb, or suppress your emotions with food or drink, you disconnect from your internal guidance system and your innate body wisdom.

At Life Force Systems, we will help you reconnect with and decode those precious messages, so you can catch those signals early, take action to change course, and develop the confidence not only to step into your full power, but to stay there for LIFE. 

Yes! Learn the language of your body. Honor it. Challenge it. Move it and stretch it! I promise you, it will do amazing things for you if you love it well.  

Mind Approach

"Your Mind Can Be Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy".  

 To step into your power, you must master your mind. This begins with paying close attention to your internal chatter. Is it working for you or against you? Is it empowering you or dis-empowering you? Is it rooting for your success or setting you up for failure? Temptations are everywhere. Choices are limitless. If you are disconnected from your heart-center & body wisdom, your mind takes over to self-sabotage any chance it gets. Its job is to protect you...and it will try to stop you every step of the way (if you let it).

If you’re stuck repeating the same patterns of weight loss or struggle, chances are you have a whack load of limiting beliefs getting in the way. Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become beliefs, and beliefs create your world (whether you are aware of them or not). We’ll help you understand how your mind influences your success or failure and how to harness its power to get where the real you wants to go.

Spirit Approach

"Your Spirit is the Master of Your Soul and Captain of your ship" 


Learning how to observe the mind & decode the language of your body will only take you so far. To step into your fullest potential and greatest power, you must begin to develop a practice of connecting regularly to your "higher self" or Spirit.

Did you know that your "intuition" is how your Spirit speaks to you? This inner guidance system is designed to serve your highest good. Your spirit will nudge you forward, whisper solutions, and lead you in the direction that best serves you. Getting in touch with your intuition helps you tune into YOUR place of truth and power.

The more you operate from this place, the easier it becomes to make choices from power & abundance v.s. fear & lack and to live an authentic and amazing life!

My Story

Our Origins

 "Like the lotus flower, trust in the light, grow in the dirt, and believe in new beginnings"  

Life Force Systems has been in the business of Body & Life Transformations for the last 19 years. Starting as a small company in Victoria B.C. we pioneered the BOOT CAMP movement in Western Canada and continue to offer top tier bootcamps to this day. As the company expanded and evolved, so did our philosophies and programs. In addition to our custom BOOT CAMP programs, we also offer KETOLEAN weight loss coaching, and Intuitive Life Coaching.

It is our greatest desire to help people from all around the world achieve optimal health, well-being, and connection to their Spirit. We are passionate about helping people before they become sick and teaching them key strategies to bloom into their full authentic power. We take them on a journey to identify their needs, come home to themselves, and feel strong and confident again. I know what it feels like to lose your sense of self because the struggles and hardships I faced. It was here, in the mud, where my biggest soul evolution happened. This...is where I want to meet you".

Into the Mud

 "The deeper and Thicker the Mud, the more beautiful the lotus flower will bloom"

Mud can really mess up your life but it can also bring great gifts.This I know is true! When I was 40, I lost my Grandmother & my best friend, my mom developed a brain tumor, my oldest daughter got a massive concussion, and my youngest daughter got diagnosed with "all the dyslexia's" – all within a one-year time frame! I was in the mud...and I was in deeeeep!

Body whispers became screams and I was losing my health fast! Peri-menopause decided to show up early. I was exhausted all the time. I gained weight around my belly and lost half of my hair. Nothing that had kept me healthy, vibrant, and fit in the past seemed to work anymore. Workouts made me more tired, planning meals was next to impossible, even deciding what to eat was HARD...and I’m a COACH!!! I was embarrassed of my body, ashamed that I had pushed myself to the point of complete exhaustion and I felt desperate and hopeless.

But…I figured it out. Cleaning up the mud lead me down a different path. And as I lived my path, I created my KETOLEAN program as a tool to dig myself out.

What is your Mud Story? Are you ready to find YOUR way out?

Blooming and Awake

 "Out of the mud, the beautiful lotus blossom awoke to share her beauty with the world".   

While life might have kicked you in the butt...and it’s not your fault that you’re in the mud, it is 100% your responsibility – and 100% in your power – to get out. You can't kick, scream, or plead your way out; you must take that first step and DECIDE to rise up and climb out.

Coach, how bad is it? How deep am I? Your body whispers are your depth gauge and the magnitude of your cravings, hormone fluctuations, weight gain, fatigue will give you clues about how long it will take to get out, and which tools to choose. This is your opportunity. This is the time when Magic can happen. It will be okay. You are not alone.

For me, it took about 3 months to get my body, energy, and confidence back and the gift I brought for others was my new KETOLEAN program. It was the only thing that worked in the deeeeeep murky waters I was stuck in. A second and un-expected gift was learning how to connect to myself. In the mud I met my authentic self, learned how to get in tune with my spirit, and found my way home. In the mud, I learned how to trust and love myself back into wholeness. We all fall into the mud from time to time, but what I know for sure is that you CAN get out...and when you do, you will bring great gifts to share with the world too.

Transformation Values


"Desire is the soul spark! It is the activation energy needed to start your transformation" 

Without the pain of losing your health, shape, or energy...there would be no desire to change. Renewal, rebirth, growth, and expansion; the butterfly is living proof that something beautiful can emerge out of darkness.

The bigger the discomfort, discontent, or displeasure is, the bigger the desire becomes. The bigger the desire becomes, the more motivated you will be. Therefore, embracing your pain, in whatever form it is presenting itself, becomes the crucible for the MAGIC that is about to happen.

While the butterfly reminds us to go through important changes in life with grace & lightness, it also brings hope & a promise of beautiful things yet to come.


 "No more yo-yo dieting. No more shame, guilt, or frustration"

Committing to change is both liberating and terrifying. What will you have to sacrifice? What will you have to let go of? When you decide that you want change, making a commitment MUST follow. Commitment is a position of power. A position of strength. A position of creation & manifestation.

When you are 100% committed and your intentions line up with actions, you not only create on purpose, but you also create with strength, intent, focus, determination, & clarity. You can face and overcome every trigger. Every obstacle. Every challenge. Every resentment, sorrow, or angry feeling with ease and grace.

Your awareness and relationship "of self to self" becomes your sacred and divine journey home...allowing you to step into your full authentic power.


"You Can't Shame, Guilt, or Hate Yourself into Transformation"

 The ONLY way to experience complete "life-lasting" change, is to love yourself through it. I know...I know...this sounds totally cliché, but success really does start with learning how to totally & completely "love yourself first". This means, loving & accepting yourself in the mess, in the squish, in the exhaustion, & in the frustration of it all.

Stepping back into your power happens when you lovingly & gently take responsibility for how you feel right now. How did I get here? How did this happen? What is the outcome if I do nothing, make no changes, or continue on as I have been?

Taking full ownership, laced with elements of love & compassion, will allow you to explore and extract the vital information you need to move forward in a very powerful way and reclaim your body, mind, and spirit.