Kick-Up Your Fat-Burning

Get it Off and Keep it Off

 "Get it Off and Keep it Off! Ketolean is the Last Diet You Will Ever Have to Do" 

The Keto way of eating is a very powerful and extremely effective weight loss tool (if you do it right). If you decide to try this new way of eating, it will require all-or-nothing mindset. You just can't kinda do Keto.  It doesn't work that way.  You must force your body to learn how to use fat as fuel, and that will never happen if you are flip-flopping between eating and eating low carb on Keto. Whether you have only a few extra pounds to loose or are on the brink of becoming a diabetic, Ketolean is a Step-by-step program that will help you lose weight, stabilize insulin levels,  and create long lasting health & weight loss.

Look Great and...Feel Amazing!!!

"If You Become What You Repeatedly Do..Then Let's Make What You Do, As Delicious & Fun as Humanly Possible" 


Yes!  Let's have some fun while we change your routines and habits.  If you like what you are eating, the chances you sticking to the program increases greatly.  A whole person approach must include a bit of fun, a bit of structure, and a bit of planning if you want your changes to last.  So if you are asking yourself...How did I get here? Who am I? Where am I? Then you are on the right track...and ready to set some clear boundaries in both your life and eating routines.  It is my greatest passion to make this process as delicious, pain-free,  and as fun as humanly possible

Proof is in the Ketolean Pudding

 "Kim! These are the shorts that were SKIN TIGHT when I first started...Soooo Much change in the thighs"!! ~Ayzia De Medeiros   

Ayzia De Medeiros Total Weight lost: 34lbs

Program: 12 Week Total Transformation 

Exercise: Added in Walking at the 8 week point

From her first attempt at making keto pudding, to giggling about drinking her first 'chewy coffee'  to our last 'I'm down 4 sizes in my Citizen Jeans' convo, Ayzia's progress has been absolutely outstanding.  Her focus was unshakable, her determination was fierce, and her commitment to both herself and the program was bang on!  In the photo above, her eyes are bright, her energy is radiant, and she looks like she is about to take on the world.  Yes...that's a little bit of Keto Magic right there folks!  (See Ayzia's before and after photos below).

12 Week Total Transformation

Phase 1-Making the Shift

"This the Cadillac of our Keto Programs...If you have 30 or more pounds to lose, you are in the right place" ~Ayzia De Medeiros

The first 4 weeks is designed to help your body shift into ketosis as quickly as humanly possible; with as little pain, discomfort, and fear as possible. You will learn all about the biggest mistakes that beginners make and how to avoid them.  Phase 1 will include recipes, meal plans, supplement guides, grocery lists, and tips how to avoid the Keto Flu.  Your coach will connect with you before you start to ensure that you are all set-up, understand how to track and calculate your macros, and will teach you about the whispers of your body ensuring that you are staying on track. 

Phase 2-Fat Adaption & Burning

"Long term fat loss is truly a process of mastering the dreaded plateau"

In the second 4 weeks, we will work to develop the mindset needed to carry you through to long term success.  No more keto stalls. No more guessing at your macros.  We will teach you how to shift your macros to encourage your body to make ketones out of your own fat stores, rather than from the fat you eat. in addition to mindset and macro setting, we will also go over the best intermittent fasting protocol for your body, teach you how when to drink alcohol, and keep your fat-burning humming along.   

Phase 3 Optimization

"Learning About Your Carb-Threshold is the Key Making this Life-Style Stick"

In the last 4 weeks, we will begin to address all the factors that will make Ketolean into a longterm "do-forever-kind" of Lifestyle.  Will I ever be able to eat carbs again?  If so, how much should I have to keep my weight loss going?  If I go back to the old way of eating will I gain all my weight back?  When is the best time to eat carbs?  All these questions will be answered as it is both an art and an experiment to test your carb threshold. Learning to decode and understand your body's messages at this stage in the game will help each client tailor their program to their unique body chemistry, activity levels, and lifestyle needs.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up. 

Welcome to Ketoland!

Platnium or Gold?

  "From Exhausted, Anxious, Stressed out, Self-Conscious a Energized, Confident, Vibrant Bomb-Shell"   

To witness a tired worn-out Momma go from being self-conscious & overwhelmed to getting excited about what she saw in the mirror, was a such huge honor and gift.  How did she do it? Well, she made an investment in herself, took ownership & responsibility for where she was, and she completely surrendered to the process. Together, we carved out a little bit of time for her wants & needs and helped her make health a priority again.  We can do that for you too! Our Platinum Program gives weekly one-on-one support with a coach to help you overcome your strongest food triggers.  While the Gold program allows you access to your coach every second week. Which one should you choose? Do you have cravings daily? Do you get emotionally triggered weekly? Do you have a long history of yo-yo dieting or any significant health concern (insulin resistance, diabetes, hormone imbalances, or low thyroid)? If you answered yes, then the platinum service will serve you best. If you have low to moderate stress and a few chronic bad habits & routines, then the gold program will meet most of your needs.   

When Nothing Else Worked!

"Slow Loss is Still Loss...Sometimes the Body Needs Time To Heal Before it is Ready to Release Excess Weight"

If you only knew how much healing was going on, it would be so much easier to have a loving, kind, and compassionate attitude towards your body. Some will lose fast. Some will lose slow. Trust that your body knows what it needs. Some times your success just needs a little extra time because some things just can't be rushed. After years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight on her own, this 45 year old mother of 3 came to feeling both frustrated and exasperated because her weight refused to budge despite consistent exercise and clean eating. Metabolic syndrome, insulin intolerance, and a low functioning thyroid left her metabolism flat and her waistline thicker then she was comfortable with. Although her transformation took her 9 months she has lost 20lbs and has kept it off for an entire year. She started with the 12 week Ketolean program and then added the Keto Extend Package to keep her progress going. 

When I started my fasted insulin level was at 148 (normal is 35) and my blood sugar was 5.5 (normal is 5).  3 months after finishing KETOLEAN my fasted insulin had dropped down to 95 but my insulin was still high at 5.3 (this is after 6 months of doing pretty strict keto). At the 9 month mark my insulin levels are now at 59 (drop of almost 100 points) and my blood sugar is 5.2 and I am down 20lbs and 4 sizes. My Dr is just thrilled and said it is very typical for folks like me to lose slowly, but if done right, won’t typically put on rebound weight. Thank you so much Kim. I really could not have done this with out your guidance and coaching". 

What is it Worth?

"How Much Does it Cost You Each Year to Lose and Gain the Same 10, 20, 30lbs Over and Over Again" ?

How many times have you lost and gained the same 20 or 30lbs?  How much did it cost you each time you lost it?  The cost of the program or weight loss system, injections, trainers, supplements, groceries, gym passes, new clothes, running shoes, and of course all the time, energy, and emotional investment too boot.  It can cost thousands of dollars each year to re-lose the same weight over and over...only to end up right back where you started.  Tired. Sqishy. Frustrated. Exhausted and totally dis-empowered.  For's not just a matter of becomes a matter of life or death as cancer, auto-immune diseases, heart disease, diabetes and all the weight related diseases become a real threat to their health, vitality, and well-being.   If you are feeling burned out, frustrated, annoyed, resentful, lethargic, unmotivated, and darn-right poopy, chances are that the mental & physical weight that you are carrying around, has got to go! If you have tried everything under the sun, only to end up right back where you started, look no further! The Keto way of eating has clear boundaries, is relatively simple to follow, and produces absolutely outstanding results. This deliciously enjoyable, time saving, energy producing, mood stabilizing, fat-burning lifestyle, based on solid science and years of research, can reverse almost any health imbalance you have. 

Additional Ketolean Courses

Extend the Burn

 "In Your Keto Rythmn, But Not Ready to Leave the Nest"?  

The Keto Mini Extend the Burn course is designed to help you bridge the gap between Keto foundational basics and Keto fat-burning strategies.  It will give you extended time with your coach to adjust your macros, test your carb threshold, and learn how to harness the power of Intermittent Fasting on the Keto Program.  We will also get into the core principles of how to do Keto while exercising.  

Keto Re-Boot

"Stalled Out or Fallen Off the Keto Band Wagon"? 

The 6 week Keto  Re-Boot course is designed for anyone who has started on Their own Keto journey but is either totally "stalled out" and not losing weight anymore or have completely fallen off the "Keto band wagon".  We will assess where you went wrong the first time, look to see if there was missing, calculate your macros and discover solutions to help you push your most stubborn weight loss plateau.  

Course Pricing

Platinum = Ketolean course content plus weekly 30 minute coaching session $550

Gold = Ketolean course content plus biweekly 30 minute coaching sessions = 3 hours coaching in total- $380

Keto Extend = Monthly 30 min coaching sessions for 6 months = 3 hours coaching - $280

Keto Re-Boot = Weekly 30 min coaching sessions for 6 weeks - $280

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