Restoring Your Inner Power

Making Your Results Last

 "Let Heaven Above You and Earth Below You; be United Within You"   

Restoring your 'Inner Power' happens when you are brave enough to take a deep dive into loving "all" of who you are. In other words, embracing your inner god(dess) means embracing every little corner of your being; including the messy, un-healed, raw, dark & twisty parts along with beautiful, divine, glorious parts at the same time.  Often, during the storms of life...we forget who we really are; becoming lost and very much alone. "Self-Gone-Missing" is an opportunity to learn love ourselves into wholeness and to walk each other home. Whether you need one-on-one time to decode re-occurring patterns or  just a simple message from your spirit, spirit guides, angels, or past loved ones, Intuitive Coaching can help to bridge the gap that exists between "you and YOU".  So, stay calm, breathe deeply, and decide to take the big, scary, deep dive into loving yourself home.


Connecting to Your Higher Self

 "Be easy. Take your time. You are coming home to yourself Darling"    

In order to become a whole, heart-centered, empowered being, you must almost always encounter some form of  bliss & despair.  Knowing and trusting that divine presence is in them both, will help you learn, grow, and evolve into the highest most incredible version of yourself.  In essence, both your light and darkness is necessary for the heart to become powerful.  When you accept both, your soul begins to open up and you will be able to love more completely (starting with yourself). Do not be is only LOVE that is growing. Know that everything will be okay.  Believe in your purpose. Believe in your power.  Believe in the Universe's Timing.  Fear is never a place of safety, it is an element that adds more suffering to the process of have faith little one and grab your surfboard....I am going to teach you how to ride those incredibly glorious waves!  

Power and Freedom

"To become awakened is a raw, wild, & beautiful path; often riddled with great suffering" 

Yes, coming home to yourself will require a fearless kind of faith to keep moving forward, despite any pain or heartache you may have experienced.  Learning how to draw wisdom from your earth angels, power animals, spirit guides, nature, and past loved ones for help along the way can bring a sense of peace and deepen the connection you have with Spirit.  We are all connected. We are all energy and there are hidden messages and wisdom in the smallest insects to the biggest bear.  Being an Intuitive Empath, I can help you discover and uncover what messages your spirit, angels, and the divine are placing in front of you to light your path.  Soon enough, you will be singing your own freedom song: "I am wild, I am free, I am happy, I am strong, I am grounded, I am confident, I am unbreakable, I am fearless, I remember who I am, I know who I am, I like who I am, I surrender, I am loved, I am love, I am magic"!

Let's Get Connected

Intuitive Life Coaching

"Restoring the Heart and Resurrecting the Soul is the Most Sacred Journey you will ever take".

Whether you are slammed with triggers & difficulties all at once or are repeating the same difficult patterns over and over again, the message is always the same.  You are loved. You deserve to be loved. You are not broken. You are perfect as you are....Now wake up and remember who you are! Remember what you came here to do! Remember what you came here to learn.  Life is not happening to is happening for you.  When you begin to understand this one concept, your world will open up to you in ways you never imagined were possible. 

Intuitive Life Coaching $125/hour

Oracle Whispers

  "Messages from Spirit Come in Many Different Ways...Play, Connect, & Love"

Playing with Oracle cards is not only a wonderful way to get in touch with the divine parts of you, but it can also connect you into the whispers of your soul, angels, animals, and divine spirit itself.   

Life Force, or the divine energy that flows within can be heard, felt, touched, and seen. If you are feeling stuck or just need a little helping hand from your ancestors or angels come play with me and see what messages are in store for you today. 

Oracle Whispers $50/30min 

Sacred Soul Practices Work Shop

 "Develop Your Very Own 'Sacred Soul' Best Practices to Fill Your Life With Energy & Strength

I not only want you to discover, harness, and embrace the power of your soul, but I also want to help you share your Super Powers with confidence, ease, energy, and grace. Yes, I want to help you create your very own "best practices for your soul" so that you can rock out your soul's purpose here on earth. 

So if you are feeling unclear, unfocused, and unmotivated...or feeling a little bit lost (or alot!) or a little bit alone (or alot!), then join us in our Best Soul Practices Work Shops to gain a higher perspective needed to create your big breakthrough.  

Work Shop Cost TBA


Resurrection & New Beginnings

  "Motivate the Body, Calm the Mind and Resurrect the Soul. Kim's Ability to tackle all 3 is Amazing". 

Kim integrates spiritual life coaching principles, assesses my energy, and works on healing my mind, body, and spirit during our coaching sessions together. She works on a much deeper and more intuitive level than a 'Life coach'; opening doors that you thought weren’t even accessible. Kim doesn’t stop at a 1 hour meeting, she is there to go thru the process until it is done. Her follow up is uncanny, there are many times she has texted me to check in when I either needed it or was just thinking of calling her. 

~Rob Kevala

A Message of Protection & Love

 "Messages from Spirit on the Eve of Brain Surgery" 

On the Eve of my dearest friend's brain surgery date, I sat down in the comfort of my room and began to shuffle my oracle cards.  She was having surgery to to correct a congenital birth defect that affected her right eye.  The card I pulled had the image of a wolf on the front with a moon over the right eye!  The message was loud and clear...Alpha...the Top Dog (God spelled backwards) was going to be there to see her through.  The wolf symbolizes both freedom &  protection. It will stand guard and be vigilant in the face of danger; and at the same time it's loyal nature displays it's commitment to love.   I am very happy to report that the surgery was successful and that she is making a strong recovery.    

Delicious Angel Whispers

 "There is a Stream of Love Supporting My Dreams"  

I have been working with Kim for over 3 years, I originally sought her out after a a friend referred her to me as a personal trainer. I soon realized that she was much more than a your 'standard trainer'.  From the weight room, to keto bread cooking lessons in my kitchen, to deep conversations about my patterns, habits, and triggers, to communicating an "Angel Whisper" from my recently departed Mother of sharing cinnamon buns together; Kim has always been there.   Her ability to connect me to my heart space and link it with my mind and spirit has had a profound effect on my life.  She has not only supported me through difficult transitions in life, but Kim has helped me get connected to my needs and how to listen to my spirit. Far beyond just an ordinary trainer, she is an extraordinary life coach, wellness warrior, and a deeply caring & genuine soul.  ~Rob Kevala

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