Reclaim Your Body

Something has Got to Change!

 "Stepping Back into your Power Begins with your Journey Home to You"

Right now. In this very moment. No matter where you're at, I am here to help you reclaim your body, energy, joy, and Life Force.  When you have reached the point where the old ways are not working anymore, I will both meet you and guide you in the creation of new plans, strategies, and routines that are aligned with both your goals and core values. 

In our time together, we will help you reconnect to all the parts of yourself that you have forgotten, neglected, abandoned, or stuffed away;  transforming your body, mind and soul into place that feels like  home. If you are looking for support, safety, and place to get real, heal, and grow with other amazing people just like you, please join us in one Boot Camp courses and come home to your awesome and amazing self! You are here on this planet to do beautiful soul-moving work, to live a life that is fulfilling, nourishing, and aligned with who you are.  Come discover all the energy you need to stop settling for anything less! 

Say "Yes" to You

 "It's Time to Become Empowered, Enlightened, Elevated, and Evolved" 

OMG!  What did I just get myself into! If you are having one of those moments where you feeling the fear...then you know that you are on the right track.  Coming home to yourself takes courage. It takes saying "YES" to both deep dives & murky waters. It is a process of surrendering into "feelings & being" instead of "avoiding & doing". 

Get Empowered! Create a physical, mental, and emotional action plan that lines up with who you are & what you want. Get Enlightened! Learn from past behavior & patterns, identify key triggers, and overcome obstacles & challenges that have kept you stuck. Get Elevated! As the great late Maya Angelo says, "when you know better, you can do better". Together we will replace bad eating and exercise habits & with good ones and be there to support you until your new habits feel like they are a natural part of who you are.  

Evolution baby...It's the bomb!  


Unleash the Beast

"Develop an Unshakable Mindset,  Create a Body you Love, & Unleash the Power of Your Soul"

 To make change happen you must unleash your "inner beast" and apply energy in the direction you want to go. I don't know about you, but when I am about to level-up I almost always hit some sort of resistance! When you hit your inner resistance and come face to face with your biggest fears, your boot camp coach will be right there, side by side, in the battle fighting with you.     

Boot camp helps you show up, do the work, and finish as strong as ever! (Annnnd...if sabotage starts to creep in, we teach you all of our secret practices needed to keep going.) In no time at all, you’ll discover that YOU are your best coach. You’ll know what YOU want and that you’re strong enough in body, mind, and spirit to get it. Are you ready to unleash your inner beast?  

Empowering you to "unleash your beast"  is my FAVORITE place to you there! 

Boot Camp Bliss

Classes Available

 "The first step is always the hardest, but steps add up fast"  

We run our Evening classes on M, W, F at Esquimalt Gorge Park at 6-7pm and our Earlybird classes on M, W, F Mornings from 6-7am at Beckwith Park.  There are only 16 spaces available in each class and are reserved on a first come first serve basis.  To open a class in your area we would need a minimum of 6 people to join.

Classes to Choose From 

January: 4 Week Total Body Make Over 

February: 4 Week Belly-Off Challenge

April: 4 Week Booty Challenge

June: 4 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge 

July: 4 Week Booty-Core Challenge 

September: 4 Week Routine Re-Boot 

October: 4 Week Fall Rev-Up 

November: 4 Week Holiday Slim Down

Cost: $189 (GST is included)

Loyalty discounts can be applied for repeat clients and if you are doing more than one program at a time. 

What Can I Expect?

 The 4 Week Boot Camp Includes: 

  • 12 Structured and Innovative workouts that are progressive in nature. Basically, we meet you where you are at and gradually push you outside your comfort zone enough to induce fat burning and muscle toning.  
  • 7 Day food detox plan that will help reset your hormones, release excess water retention, and clear out your digestive system.  
  • Receive a custom meal plan that is designed to be in line with your body type, goals, lifestyle, and unique needs in mind.  
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach to make sure you are staying on track, in-tune with your body, and in touch with your needs.  
  • Connect with people just like you in our private Facebook support group on-line



  Ralph Young and Stephanie Broome

"We have attended LFS Boot Camps for years & Kim has been with us every step of the way. We started as novices with little knowledge of diet, exercise, muscle growth… anything really. Kim took us under her wing with a personalized approach that made us know, from the very first day, that she wasn’t just a trainer; she was in the battle with us.  

Throughout the years we have both changed our strategy and goals as our bodies developed (fat loss, muscle building, strength gains, etc.) and Kim was right there with a new plan (diet, training, stress management, the whole package!), checking in consistently and making sure we had everything we needed to succeed. She is always ready with a new approach or troubleshooting through any bumps along the path in our journeys.   From our very first “what are we doing?!?” Boot Camp class, to now... Ralph has gone from "noodle-armed" to "Viking-strong" and Steph has gone from "slightly overwhelmed beginner" to "powerful and confident lifter". The constant that took us from A to B was Kim’s coaching, support and enthusiasm"

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